My cousin is about to apply to volunteer for this non-profit charity in Los Angeles.


It’s an organisation that helps keep children in care to stay in education. I found it interesting and there are a lot of similarities to MST so worth checking out.

Their mission statement and purpose: FosterEd improves the educational outcomes of children and youth in foster care by ensuring each is supported by an educational champion and strengthened by an education team.


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FosterEd partners with local education, child welfare and judicial agencies, to implement a continuous cycle of data-driven interventions:

1 Identification and support of ed. champion(s): Educational champions are identified, informed of their rights and responsibilities, and paired with an education coach to help increase their capacity to support educational success. Whenever possible, biological parents are educational champions.

2 Development and monitoring of ed. team: Education liaisons create and monitor education teams for each foster child. Teams include the student (if age appropriate), educational champion, social worker, school staff, caregiver, court appointed special advocate, and any coach, mentor, or other community member able to help the student succeed in school.

3 Individualized ed. plans based on strengths and needs: The student’s educational strengths and needs are identified using a research-based tool and used to develop an education plan.

This model improves the educational outcomes of children while they are in foster care while also ensuring they exit care with educational champions and education teams that will continue to support their educational success.

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